Sustainability, safety, convenience – these are the three main trends of the global packaging industry

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

Dusseldorf, September 30, 2011. Not only the demand by consumers, but rather sound economic reasons are forcing the packaging industry to basically rework their production processes and products. Crude oil will soon no longer be available as a raw material and source of energy, and already leads today to dramatic price increases in the production area. In this respect, there is a rising need for energy in the emerging countries. Environmentally-conscious consumers demand not only clarification about the contents of the package, but to an ever growing extent about the actual packaging. Given this background, the manufacturers of packaging material as well as those manufacturing packaging machinery are faced with the great challenge of introducing energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly production processes and developing the corresponding packaging systems. With regard to packaging products, the focus is especially on packaging that conserves resources.

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Wachstumsmarkt in Deutschland und Europa

Ursula Drost, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

Düsseldorf, 11. Juli 2011. Der Ausstieg aus der Kernenergie, beschlossen am 8. Juli 2011, reiht sich konsequent in die Grundeinstellung der Deutschen zu Natur und Umwelt ein, die sich ursprünglich in der Zeit der Romantik (1790 – 1850) gebildet hat. Ökologie und Ökonomie sind schon seit einiger Zeit keine Widersprüche mehr. Dies wird eindeutig durch Zahlen belegt. Die deutsche Umweltbranche wird bis 2030 mit ihrem Umsatz die Automobilindustrie und den Maschinenbau überholt haben.

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Munich, 6-July-2011. A huge majority of EU citizens care deeply about the environment, says the EU Environment commission in its June 2011 newsletter. The latest survey by the European Commission shows that the environment is an important personal concern to more than 90% of respondents in every single Member State.
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Until recently, interconnectivity in the business world was still limited to exchanging e-mail or interactively linking two locations through large-scale, comprehensive and expensive IT projects. But increasingly, smart and agile solutions are showing the way forward by allowing real-time collaboration, transparent approval processes in real time, video conferencing, Web conferencing—all through secure, encrypted solutions. Such technologies are all part of the daily routine for Business Consulting Network International.

.BCNI International has made collaboration in smart, continually evolving .BCN networks an integral part of its core philosophy from the beginning and continues to promote these approaches. .BCN relies on state-of-the-art IT solutions and offers this same collaborative technology to its clients. Underlying this is a fundamental belief in technological progress, expertise and an undiminished enthusiasm for high-tech and IT, coupled with years of experience in various sectors of the high-tech and IT industries.

“By working with us, our clients save not only time and money but resources. This supports our approach of sustainability in every project that we manage together with our clients,” explains Edmund Hain, co-founder and CEO of .BCNI International. “Since Business Consulting Network is focused on the high-tech, IT, cleantech and green industries, our clients are by nature very open to new technologies—especially when they further support sustainability.

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Ursula Drost, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

August 31, 2010. Europe has experienced a new cross-industry trend in recent years that, depending on the form it takes, goes by the name of either sustainability, corporate responsibility management (CR) or corporate social responsibility (CSR). The vagueness of terms may be a sign, that we’re dealing with trendy buzzwords, which may or may not conceal much actual meaning. But, these terms only appear new to Europe, which partly explains why European companies are having a hard time finding people with the requisite expertise to develop and implement integrated sustainability concepts.