Brussels, October 4, 2011. Following the current study of PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the U.S. will no longer be the world center for medical technology. Innovators already are going first to market in Europe.
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Duesseldorf, 14-Sep-2011. Yesterday Edmund Hain, Managing Director .BCNI, held a webinar about opportunities and market access of medical technology companies in Europe, invited by the U.S. Trade Administration. Accompanied by a reimbursement specialist this webinar covered

  • Overview healthcare systems Europe
  • Comparison of medical technology markets in Europe
  • Germany as starting point for Continental Europe and the EU: Market opportunities for medical technology companies from the U.S.
  • The conformity assessment procedure (CE)
  • Reimbursement systems and mechanisms
  • The U.S. Trade Administration and the 20 companies, joining the webinar, expressed their enthusiasm for the presenters‘ competence, experience and hands-on advice.

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Dusseldorf, 10 August 2011. The EU27, with more than 500 million inhabitants, 20 million companies and a GDP of Euro 12,700 billion represents the largest domestic market in the world. The free circulation of goods, people, services and capital, the alignment of the health legislations, the indirect taxation and the technical standards for companies means that companies bringing new products onto the market can save very high costs, as they no longer need to manufacture a product in several different versions for different countries. For the “young market” of medical technology, in which one-third of the products in Germany are less than three years old, this is a significant prerequisite. Europe has become a significantly more attractive location for investors through its domestic market.

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