Standpunkt: Ursula Drost, Business Consulting Network, fordert strategischen Umgang mit dem Wissenspotenzial in den Unternehmen

VDI nachrichten, 17.10.2003

Erst wurden sie in den Vorruhestand geschickt, jetzt werden sie schmerzlich vermisst. Immer mehr Unternehmen erkennen, dass sie die älteren Mitarbeiter genauso brauchen wie die jungen – und beginnen wieder „Alte“ einzustellen. Doch das bringt neue Probleme, sagt Ursula Drost im folgenden Beitrag. Für immer mehr Unternehmen wird die einseitige Ausrichtung auf junge Hight-Potentials zum Problem.

Dusseldorf, May 15, 2009. .BCN Business Consulting Network International, a marketing and communications consultancy and full-service implementation agency, is following up on several Web 2.0 projects for its international clientele by going 2.0 in its own online presence.

Leveraging state-of-the-art Web technology as a collaboration, project management and controlling platform, .BCN International draws upon its industry experience to deliver targeted consulting and efficient, sustainable implementation from a single source.

“Our clients in Europe and the United States benefit from best-practice marketing strategy, business strategy and communications,” explains Edmund Hain, co-founder and CEO of .BCN International.

“Our high-end collaboration platform is very useful for managing projects with real-time tools and staying up to date at any stage of the project, especially when the time investment of on-site meetings is no longer feasible. We work primarily with executives in major companies, and they welcome every opportunity to keep projects running on time, on budget and on target,” notes Ursula Drost, co-founder and CEO of .BCN International.

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.BCN Business Consulting Network International is a marketing and communications consultancy and full-service implementation agency. Our industry-savvy experts in marketing, business strategy and communications serve clients throughout Europe and the United States.
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