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Many companies adapt themselves to the market and lose their identity instead of shaping the market

W & V Werben & Verkaufen, January 23, 2004

Cost cutting, cutting back until you can’t go any farther, price discounting with continuously shrinking profit margins — it slowly becomes clear that the price and cost spiral is coming to an end.

Marketing the brandMarketing the Brand

From Adapting to the Market to Shaping the Market

MM – Das IndustrieMagazin, August 18, 2003

More and more cost savings, cutting until you can’t cut any farther, price discounts on products and services with ever diminishing profit margins — it gradually becomes evident that the price-cost squeeze cannot become continuously tighter without end. Many companies have been pushed into defensive positions through fear of the com-petition. With their backs to the wall, they try even harder to adapt to the market.

Experience as a success factorExperience as a Success Factor

The size of the budget is no guarantee of success in PR and Marketing

W & V Werben & Verkaufen, July 11, 2003

It is clear to most companies that Marketing and PR are indispensable requirements to be able to survive in competition. But far too many examples show that companies disappear silently from the market or are bought out by the competition in spite of convincing products.It doesn’t always need a six or seven-figure budget to be able to promote the image, the brand name and the sales of a company. Agencies with broad industry experience, solid knowledge of the market, skilful mastery of the marketing mix and, not the least important, a broad and proven network of special service providers can also perform effective marketing and public relations work within a limited budget.