San Francisco, September 27, 2010. For enterprises seeking to do business in Europe, choosing the right location is a key success factor. The same applies to enterprises that wish to expand operations to another location. Choosing a business location in the EU27 is not a decision to be taken lightly. The location you choose will have a lasting effect on cost factors such as transport, wages, property taxes and business taxes. The business location also affects your bottom line through sales factors such as purchasing power, demographics and competition.

Germany with most metropolitan regions in Europe
An important factor for most industries is whether a particular location is part of a metropolitan region. Metropolitan regions tend to offer excellent infrastructure and an educated population and are frequently home to major companies, public authorities and organizations. This makes them magnets for innovation and hubs for the exchange of goods and expertise.

A recent study on EU cities found a wide disparity from country to country. Germany, with 22 metropolitan regions spread out across the entire country, was the clear leader. France took second place with only 4 such urban centers.