Sustainability, safety, convenience – these are the three main trends of the global packaging industry

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

Dusseldorf, September 30, 2011. Not only the demand by consumers, but rather sound economic reasons are forcing the packaging industry to basically rework their production processes and products. Crude oil will soon no longer be available as a raw material and source of energy, and already leads today to dramatic price increases in the production area. In this respect, there is a rising need for energy in the emerging countries. Environmentally-conscious consumers demand not only clarification about the contents of the package, but to an ever growing extent about the actual packaging. Given this background, the manufacturers of packaging material as well as those manufacturing packaging machinery are faced with the great challenge of introducing energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly production processes and developing the corresponding packaging systems. With regard to packaging products, the focus is especially on packaging that conserves resources.

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