Duesseldorf, 24-March-2015. M2M and Smart Big Data – The next industrial revolution and energy transition driver for new business opportunities

Edmund Hain, Managing Director of MarComSo, has been invited as speaker at the „M2M+ Industry Summit“, April 30, Milano (www.m2mplusforum.com), due to his M2M/IoT expertise. He will lead the session „Future Trends & Challenges“ and will hold the presentation „M2M – The next industrial revolution and energy transition driver“: M2M is about to change the industrial world fundamentally. The combination of cost-effective sensor technologies, IT and flexible planning and demand systems based on smart big data analytics will create groundbreaking new production processes and supply chains. The most affected industries such as automotive, manufacturing, machinery, automation technology and energy will step into new dimensions with unprecedent opportunities and groundbreaking new business models at the horizon. Edmund Hain will share insights into this fascinating new world.