Edmund Hain, Managing Director, MarComSo

Duesseldorf, January 4, 2015. M2M resp. IoT will change the world in a similar way like the age of industrialization did some 250 years ago or the computing age some 60 years ago. The “Connected Age” with its wide range of possibilities created by M2M/IoT technologies is growing every day and is now being realized by leading companies across the world. The impact of the “Connected Age” will fundamentally revolutionize nearly every industry and nearly every business process: Engineering, design, sourcing, production, logistics, sales, marketing, service, maintenance, repair. But that’s not all. The fundamental infrastructure systems like roads, railway, energy, water will also benefit significantly from M2M technologies. And for sure, personal life, e.g. wearables for health improvement, smart TV, asset tracking, smart home solutions, smart phones, connected car, etc. However, there is a fundamental difference between consumer IoT applications and industrial enterprise M2M implementations.

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