Edmund Hain, Managing Director, MarComSo

Duesseldorf, January 4, 2015. M2M resp. IoT will change the world in a similar way like the age of industrialization did some 250 years ago or the computing age some 60 years ago. The “Connected Age” with its wide range of possibilities created by M2M/IoT technologies is growing every day and is now being realized by leading companies across the world. The impact of the “Connected Age” will fundamentally revolutionize nearly every industry and nearly every business process: Engineering, design, sourcing, production, logistics, sales, marketing, service, maintenance, repair. But that’s not all. The fundamental infrastructure systems like roads, railway, energy, water will also benefit significantly from M2M technologies. And for sure, personal life, e.g. wearables for health improvement, smart TV, asset tracking, smart home solutions, smart phones, connected car, etc. However, there is a fundamental difference between consumer IoT applications and industrial enterprise M2M implementations.

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It is important to always be on the ball in a market environment that is changing faster all the time and is tugged to and fro by all kinds of global influences.

Sustainability, safety, convenience – these are the three main trends of the global packaging industry

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

Dusseldorf, September 30, 2011. Not only the demand by consumers, but rather sound economic reasons are forcing the packaging industry to basically rework their production processes and products. Crude oil will soon no longer be available as a raw material and source of energy, and already leads today to dramatic price increases in the production area. In this respect, there is a rising need for energy in the emerging countries. Environmentally-conscious consumers demand not only clarification about the contents of the package, but to an ever growing extent about the actual packaging. Given this background, the manufacturers of packaging material as well as those manufacturing packaging machinery are faced with the great challenge of introducing energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly production processes and developing the corresponding packaging systems. With regard to packaging products, the focus is especially on packaging that conserves resources.

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Brussels, October 4, 2011. Following the current study of PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the U.S. will no longer be the world center for medical technology. Innovators already are going first to market in Europe.
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Information technology opens up brand-new possibilities in retail
Sustainability has arrived in retail

Ursula Drost, Managing Director Business Consulting Network International
March 25, 2011

Retail trends are driven by cutting-edge technologies such as RFID, digital signage, smart supply chains and smart shopping. Analytical tools for social media are being developed and deployed in an attempt to render consumer behavior as predictable as possible. The purchasing process itself is undergoing a revolution as it moves gradually toward automation. Meanwhile, customers are having their own impact on retail through their new-found awareness of strict sustainability.

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· Procurement and purchasing—automatic and digital
· Sea change for shopping
· Digital signage
· Fully automatic shopping
· Point of sale: LEDs are here to stay
· Sustainability
· Social media in retail

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

January 3, 2011
Enterprises will focus even more on business-oriented Web applications and Internet-based business models in the year ahead, with the key trends being augmented reality, cloud computing, real-time Web and multi-channel commerce.

Augmented Reality

The technological potential of augmented reality is still largely untapped. Augmented reality can bring added value to many areas of business and day-to-day situations, further virtualize collaboration and streamline business workflows.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most promising technologies and is currently revolutionizing the IT world. In various industries, it is not only SMEs but increasingly large enterprises that opt for cloud computing.

Real-Time Web

The Internet is changing. It’s becoming increasingly important to know what is happening, right now.

Multi-Channel Commerce

Multi-channel commerce is more than just online sales: it describes communication from and with customers, business partners and co-workers through various media and devices on the basis of Internet technologies.

Environmental Engineering: Sunrise Industry with Enormous Potential

Ursula Drost, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International
Brussels, September 20, 2010. Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for the Environment, emphasized the interconnectedness between economy and ecology in today’s address entitled “Europe: looking ahead on climate change” at the Green Alliance Conference in London.

The share of renewable energies in gross end-user energy consumption in the EU was 10.3 percent in 2008 and is expected to rise to 20 percent by 2020.

Covered topics:

  • Interconnectedness between economy and ecology
  • Innovative enterprises in cleantech and greentech
  • Emerging nations strive for the top
  • Making megacities livable through green innovations
  • Rural innovations
  • Wind from Germany
  • Coaxing more energy from the sun
  • Grid bottlenecks demand innovations

Smart Business 2020-ICT for Empowered Business in Dynamic Times

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International
Düsseldorf, March 12, 2010. This article is part two of two about CeBIT 2010, which intend to give an overview of the latest trends and developments in information and communication technologies (ICT).

Covered topics:

  • Smart Cities Initiative
  • Device-neutral Computing
  • The customer-driven enterprise
  • Cloud Computing
  • Connected Worlds

Challenges as Opportunities-How ICT Faces the World of Tomorrow

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

Düsseldorf, March 12, 2010. This article is part one of two about CeBIT 2010, which intend to give an overview of the latest trends and developments in information and communication technologies (ICT).

Covered topics:

  • IT as Management issue
  • Sustainability as one of the main trends
  • The Future will be digital
  • Mobility trends