Dusseldorf, 12-October 2011. Within only one year people all over the world have marked more than 120,000 locations in wheelmap, the online map for wheelchair-accessible places. Intension of this offering is to assist wheelchair users, in Germany alone 1.6 million, as well as wheeled walkers and families with buggies, in their daily life. The page has been updated continuously and is now available in 11 languages. Wheelmap is available as free app.

The simple and successful idea attracted the attention of Google searching for a suitable project for its campaign “ the web is what you’re making out of it” to market Google Chrome. Since October 4 the campaign can be seen on tv. Talking with .BCNI, Raul Krauthausen, the initiator of wheelmap, was very pleased about thousands of new entries since the campaign has started.

If you’re interested to send suitable places to wheelmap, please find the site here: www.wheelmap.org.

Duesseldorf, 12-Oct-2011. Echtes “social” Media: Wheelmap startete vor einem Jahr Initiative für Menschen mit Behinderungen
Duesseldorf, 12-Oct-2011. Innerhalb eines Jahres markierten Menschen auf der ganzen Welt 120.000 Orte in der Wheelmap, der Online-Karte für rollstuhlgerechte Orte. Das Angebot soll Rollstuhlfahrern helfen, ihren Tag unabhängiger und vielfältiger zu gestalten. Das Angebot richtet sich neben den 1,6 Millionen Rollstuhlfahrern in Deutschland auch an Familien mit Kinderwagen und ältere Menschen, die auf Rollatoren angewiesen sind. Die Seite wurde stetig weiterentwickelt und ist heute in elf Sprachen verfügbar. Die Wheelmap ist als kostenlose App auch für mobile Endgeräte verfügbar.

Die einfache aber erfolgreiche Idee rief im Sommer 2011 auch das Interesse von Google hervor, das mit der Wheelmap unter dem Werbeslogan „Das Web ist das, was Du daraus machst“ seit Anfang Oktober seinen Internetbrowser Google Chrome z.B. über TV-Spots bewirbt. Im Gespräch mit .BCNI freute sich Wheelmap Initiator Raul Krauthausen darüber, dass seit Kampagnenbeginn täglich mehrere Tausend Neueinträge eingehen.

Wenn auch Sie geeignete Orte angeben möchten, geht es hier zur Website von Wheelmap: www.wheelmap.org

Edmund Hain and Ursula Drost, Managing Directors, Business Consulting Network International

San Francisco, October 10, 2011. New technologies are transforming the IT industry and global business world.
· Social media as part of a strategic online marketing
· Cloud computing – efficiency model for IT infrastructures and applications
· Social technologies and cloud computing as technological drivers for fundamentally new business models and innovative collaboration

“The PC has been the digital hub for the better part of last 10 years. But this is broken down in the last few years”, Steve Jobs, June 6, 2011, when introducing the Apple iCloud.
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Sustainability, safety, convenience – these are the three main trends of the global packaging industry

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

Dusseldorf, September 30, 2011. Not only the demand by consumers, but rather sound economic reasons are forcing the packaging industry to basically rework their production processes and products. Crude oil will soon no longer be available as a raw material and source of energy, and already leads today to dramatic price increases in the production area. In this respect, there is a rising need for energy in the emerging countries. Environmentally-conscious consumers demand not only clarification about the contents of the package, but to an ever growing extent about the actual packaging. Given this background, the manufacturers of packaging material as well as those manufacturing packaging machinery are faced with the great challenge of introducing energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly production processes and developing the corresponding packaging systems. With regard to packaging products, the focus is especially on packaging that conserves resources.

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Brussels, October 4, 2011. Following the current study of PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the U.S. will no longer be the world center for medical technology. Innovators already are going first to market in Europe.
Request a comprehensive whitepaper of .BCNI about the European medical technology market and opportunities for market access.
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