Environmental Engineering: Sunrise Industry with Enormous Potential

Ursula Drost, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International
Brussels, September 20, 2010. Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for the Environment, emphasized the interconnectedness between economy and ecology in today’s address entitled “Europe: looking ahead on climate change” at the Green Alliance Conference in London.

The share of renewable energies in gross end-user energy consumption in the EU was 10.3 percent in 2008 and is expected to rise to 20 percent by 2020.

Covered topics:

  • Interconnectedness between economy and ecology
  • Innovative enterprises in cleantech and greentech
  • Emerging nations strive for the top
  • Making megacities livable through green innovations
  • Rural innovations
  • Wind from Germany
  • Coaxing more energy from the sun
  • Grid bottlenecks demand innovations

San Francisco, September 27, 2010. For enterprises seeking to do business in Europe, choosing the right location is a key success factor. The same applies to enterprises that wish to expand operations to another location. Choosing a business location in the EU27 is not a decision to be taken lightly. The location you choose will have a lasting effect on cost factors such as transport, wages, property taxes and business taxes. The business location also affects your bottom line through sales factors such as purchasing power, demographics and competition.

Germany with most metropolitan regions in Europe
An important factor for most industries is whether a particular location is part of a metropolitan region. Metropolitan regions tend to offer excellent infrastructure and an educated population and are frequently home to major companies, public authorities and organizations. This makes them magnets for innovation and hubs for the exchange of goods and expertise.

A recent study on EU cities found a wide disparity from country to country. Germany, with 22 metropolitan regions spread out across the entire country, was the clear leader. France took second place with only 4 such urban centers.

Ursula Drost, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

September 20, 2010. Green IT has gone from buzzword to a part of corporate political correctness. In some areas, green IT has even become as important a factor in IT projects as compliance regulations, since green IT is itself quickly developing into a legally binding guideline (in the UK, for example). Typically, however, the focus is just on deploying energy-efficient servers and equipment, and even here the approach is ad hoc.

San Francisco, September 17, 2010. Solar Millennium, a power plant construction company based in Erlangen, Germany, is heading a joint project with U.S. oil giant Chevron to develop four large solar power plants. Construction of two plants is set to begin by the end of 2010. The solar thermal plants, located in Blythe, California, will have a combined capacity of some 1,000 megawatts. This would be the first time a solar facility reaches output levels comparable to nuclear power plants. The plants are scheduled to go online in 2013 or 2014.

Everything is interconnected

Edmund Hain, Managing Director, Business Consulting Network International

September 14, 2010. For some companies, business process management (BPM) means using graphics programs to map their processes. Other companies interpret BPM as the integrated implementation of all business processes in the in-house IT system. To achieve the full performance benefit and advance the goal of business excellence, the latter approach is needed. But this requires a deep, mutual understanding between a company’s business and IT teams. With the right approach, even the most complex business processes can be managed automatically, growth can be achieved without expanding the workforce, and companies can move with flexibility and agility to position themselves in an intense competitive environment.

Until recently, interconnectivity in the business world was still limited to exchanging e-mail or interactively linking two locations through large-scale, comprehensive and expensive IT projects. But increasingly, smart and agile solutions are showing the way forward by allowing real-time collaboration, transparent approval processes in real time, video conferencing, Web conferencing—all through secure, encrypted solutions. Such technologies are all part of the daily routine for Business Consulting Network International.

.BCNI International has made collaboration in smart, continually evolving .BCN networks an integral part of its core philosophy from the beginning and continues to promote these approaches. .BCN relies on state-of-the-art IT solutions and offers this same collaborative technology to its clients. Underlying this is a fundamental belief in technological progress, expertise and an undiminished enthusiasm for high-tech and IT, coupled with years of experience in various sectors of the high-tech and IT industries.

“By working with us, our clients save not only time and money but resources. This supports our approach of sustainability in every project that we manage together with our clients,” explains Edmund Hain, co-founder and CEO of .BCNI International. “Since Business Consulting Network is focused on the high-tech, IT, cleantech and green industries, our clients are by nature very open to new technologies—especially when they further support sustainability.

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